Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paint Ball

Qing here again.. well.. jermin and i were thinking of planning a outting for paint ball game... we not yet sure bout when we wan to play but yea... and its near summit USJ and it cost about 50-100 per person(depends on how many bullets we playing)

if any1 is interested.. pls inform me o jermin pls.. thank u..

ps:we can ask our aa and other teacher to play also if u all wan.. haha..


Sunday, April 26, 2009


ello~~ its qing here.. im feel so bored so decide to come here... our 2 bloggers pc got bit cacat.. so.. im in charge now.. muahaha.. anyway.. can u all send all ur bday date to me so i can update everyone and we might plan something for our bday boy/girl?? lolz.. and jermin had created a group for our class in facebook.. feel free to join yo.. =)))

press here to go there.. lolz.. ihtm7-->facebook

til then.. =)))

next bday boy/girl..

Pui Yan --3 of May
Lily Yap
--9 of may

its on a saturday... any plan for her??

ps:if i left out anyone who going to have their bday b4 9 may pls tel me k...=)))


Friday, April 10, 2009

if u can see this picture "clearly" then u will know who is poking who
actually i saw some one is poking some one lol hahah......
the one get poke ask me don't say out = ="

Grooming Standards on Uniform day

Grooming Standards for Ladies

should be neat, well styled and should appear professional
Hair should be trimmed regularly, neatly combed and in place always.
Shoulder length hair should be neatly pinned to keep away from face.
Hair longer than shoulder length should be cut straight evenly and tied at the nape of the neck.
The bun must be secured at the back of the head or slightly above the nape with a black net.
Do not use colored / plastic bands.
Hair should be clean, non- greasy, free of oil, subtle color.
Permed and curly hair should be kept neat and restrained.

Finger nails:
Well maintained and clean
Neatly cut , shaped and clean
Excessively long nails are not allowed.
Use only light and neutral color of nail polish
Nail polish should cover entire nail, never chipped

Only one ring on each hand
Only one set of earrings
Dangling or flashy or large size not permitted
One thin gold or silver chain.
Only a small nose stud.
(* no jewellery allowed during F&B Practical classes)

Proper footwear should be worn all the times
Closed black leather shoes
Always well polished and in good condition

Simple and basic make- up
Appropriate foundation suited to each skin type should be used to avoid oily looks
Eye shadow to be subtle and not too loud
Eyeliner to be thin, straight and applied neatly

Immaculate (perfect and clean) Smooth, Clean, without creases or stains
Light color Formal shirt, full sleeves,
Formal Trouser, front creased

Grooming Standards for men
Well maintained, short neatly cut
Should not fall on forehead, touch the ears or touch the collars.
Neatly combed, not oily, not permed.
No moustaches
Clean shaven
Beards only permitted as part of religious sentiments.

Trimmed and well maintained
Clean and dirt free.
No nicotine, carbon or ink stains on the fingers.

Only one simple ring on any one hand
No bracelets or bands (excepts for religious reasons)
Watches should be conservative and not flashy or too large.
Leather strap should either be black, brown or tan
Metallic strap should be gold or silver

Well maintained, well polished, in good condition
Only black shoes are permitted
Socks to match the color of the shoes or trousers

Immaculate, spotless, well ironed
Light color Formal shirt, full sleeves,
Formal Trouser, front creased
No loose threads or broken buttons
Cuffs and collars to be stain free and clean.
Belts should be plain black or brown, not cracked or dull, simple non flashy buckle, not more than 1.5 “wide.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remind All IHTM7 students

Please Pay

RM50 for typhoid injection "IF" u have not taken the injection in the pass 2years

RM 20 for Food festival organized

RM 10 for class fund

Please give the money to treasurer Kin Lam ASAP!