Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For your attention, all IHTM7 students..

M.Eiwynn had sent message to MOST of you about the result is out.
Congratulation!!!As if I am not mistaken there is no failure for IHTM7 students in this semester's subject. Everyone seems to get really high marks for PDP II.

4th January 2010 Please do return to KDU "IF" you have not fill in the form. The form which is for register the subject for third semester. Please do attent on that day "IF" you need to resit for certain subject or just register.

11th January 2010 should be the NEW DAY of our third semester. It is time to study and meet each other again.

For student who fail for MPW subject,the resit had ended on monday.If you missed it, do not worry because next year it would be another resit for MPW again.

Wish you people happy holiday >.< although i just came back from a trip hehehe...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time Table of Final Exam

Halooo, New updated here. I just got the Time table for our final examination. It will take 3 days to finish our final exam, because we just got 3 subjects. Wakaka...

30 Nov (Monday)- German or French 9am-11am at auditorium
1 Dec (Tues)- Accommodation 9am-11am at Auditorium
2 Dec (Wed)- Food Services 9am-11am at Auditorium
3 Dec (Thurs)- can balik Kampung already. Haha~

For those want to re-sit exam, please got to check your re-sit time table. Okie??
Good luck!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Housekeeping class~

Fuh~ Finally done PDP Assignment and practical examination. Now left Mr.Don assignment and housekeeping practical class~ Here, I want to upload name list to inform you all when to come for the practical class. Here we go..

30th october 2009 (group 1)-pls come at 10am sharp

Kin Lam
Lee Ping
Lie Moi
Kay Shin
Cheow Yuen

30th october 2009 (group 2)- pls come at 11am sharp

Moy Lien
Pui Yan
Bianca Lee

6th november 2009 (group 3)- pls come at 10am sharp

Cheau Wei

6th november 2009 (group 4)- pls come at 11am sharp

Yen Yen

13rd november 2009 (group 5)- pls come at 10am sharp

Wei Lun
Jason Tan
Ai Ling
CHee Hui

Who's name is missing that mean he/she is the one 'maria'. Haha.. SOrry, because I cannot read Mr.Hor's hand writing. However, I will inform you all if get anything change. If got anything confused, please find our blur queen- Bianca Lee. TQ.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Practical Examination~

Hello~ I'm back again. This post will post something about Practical Examination. I got the name list from my Dining Room Service's lecturer. So, Here we go...

Date 20th October 2009 Cafe 87

Ng Jer Min
Yap Lay Li
Thean Lie Moi
Ko Boon Tong
Liew Siew Yan
Poo Kay Shin

Date 21st October 2009

Lim Ee Chian
Lai Yen Yen
Nicole Jane Paul
Liew Chee Hui
Lung Sze Pinn

Date 27th October 2009

Jasim Uddin Ahmed
Chua Lee Ping
Nurhudha Binti Muh Feizal
Mehran Khosravi Hossein
Dickson Chuah Chong Han
Koh Pui Yan

Date 28th October 2009

Tung Mei Gee
Bianca Lee Mei Theng
Ng Han Seong
Lew Cheau Wei
Tien Qiau Yi
Phon Wei Lun

Date 27th October 2009 Connexions

Ho Moy Lien
Nkosana Ncube
Leon Sharman Leopold
Loong Kit How
Ngan Seok Qing
Syahira Binti Kordy

Date 28th October 2009

Tan Cheow Yuen
Tham Ai Ling
Chong Kin Lam
Tan Chu Sern
Hazeq Bin Mohamad Faisal

Those are just Dining Room Service Examination Name List. Connexions's kitchen examination name list please refer or ask from your group leader as she also one of the BLOGGER!!!Cafe 87 kitchen Examination will be different with Connexions. We, 12 person from Cafe 87 will take exam together. So don't worry ya.

Beside that, the Cafe 87 kitchen examination's time table...

Group A's will be on 27th and 28th October.

Group B's will be on 20th and 21st October.

Group C's (Connexions) will be on 20th and 21th October.

Clear!? Understand!?

Okey, Goodbye!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pratical Examination & Prom Night...

Hello, seem like I'm the only blogger still alive to update our class's DEAD blog. What should I inform you all? Read the title please~

Prom Night is coming soon. Hoho~ Who's interested? Please do not inform me. I'm not the person incharge. Bianca Hmmm.. better straight away pass money to our AA's lecturer. Faster and safety. Haha.. Other information about SHTCA's Prom night, I will inform you all sooner or later before Prom Night. Oh yeah, the date of Prom night is on 22nd of October 2009~ The ticket very nice. Next post I will show you all the Prom night Ticket...

(ai ling, please do borrow me your ticket to take a shoot ya)

And Pratical Examination. Group 7A, B and C... Did you all done your Menu and the recruisation form?? Did you all done!? Haha~ within 1 month start our Pratical Examination. Hmmm... I just remember my DRS exam is on 20th of October. The rest.. Sorry >.<> Lastly, this coming Saturday is Moon Cake Festival. What's you all plan to celebrate this festival?? Hehee.. Anything lar. Goodnight~

Hope you all have a nice nice Moon Cake Festival~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

PDP assignment...

Hello, seem like got people complaint about this DEAD blog didn't updated anything. So I think it's time to updated SOMETHING on it!

PDP assignment.. I sent too you all that slide show through e-mail. Anyone didn't get it please sms me or email me. What is the topic of PDP assignment?? Go check you mail's box. Haha~That assignment we need to pass up on 1st October. That's means 5 more days start from today~

Hmmm... Hari Raya over already. What should I wish next?? Moon Cake Festival?? Anything lar. At least I got post something here to show IHTM7's blogger still alive~ Wakaka!!

Anything, just wish you all have a nice nice holiday~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Typhoid Injection...

Halo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo~

Someone here to inform IHTM7's members that we have an injection at Room201 on 20th August (Thursday), 3pm to 4pm which is after PDP class. We had paid for this injection last semester.

Okey.. See you all there... Bye bye~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Class Shirts

Hello everyone! Jermin here... erm as we all know every class has their own shirts so why not us?? I'm gonna display a few examples and we'll vote which one we'd all prefer then I'll check whether we can get it.. One special thing about our shirts is that they're all Nike's and to be different from all other classes, they'll be jerseys rather than T-shirts... On the back of them will be placed a number 7, representing our class number and on top of it will be placed our own personal name... Don't worry cause this are quality products... The names and number will never come off even during machine wash but the shirt should not be ironed cause it is made of plastic based material... All this for only the price of RM 50 so I hope we can all get this done by the 21st of August 2009... I will need the payment as well as the names you want to put on your shirt... I should be able to deliver it by the following week... P.S. I do not earn any money from this... =S

Monday, July 20, 2009

If you did attend Aa's meeting you should know about on the 18.08.2009,after 1pm all the classes would be cancel.

Remember to pay RM25 to treasurer for the grapewine shirt ASAP and wear it every friday.

Remember to pay RM5 to treasurer for class fund.

About the kitchen and restaurant's time table, you all need to ask your group leader or your group leader should explain to you.
blog is allow to update by anyone BUT it MUST be related to IHTM7's update.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People.. is qing here again... lolz.. how r u all doing huh?? XD our blogger has been mia for dunno how long and i decided to update dis blog.. coz its TOO DEAD already.. =)) anyway..juz wanna tell u all time passed so fast.. hehe.. and guess wat.. final is like 5 days away from us... juz wanna ask how are yall preparation for ur final?? are u all ready onot??????=)) or still rushing assignments now.. lolz.. tats wat i doing now.. XD

and... any suggestion about activity after final?? lolz.... any trip or games??? i heard there's a trip to genting on the 8th of july.. its a day after our final.. hehe.. and.. if u all still wanting paintball.. its on 11 of july after our mpw exam.. its for guys and girls.. any1 wan to join????? tel me bout tat k.. but before that.. ger ur butt on ur study place and work hard for exam.. hehe..

till then..
qing's sign out.. love you all... :p


Thursday, June 11, 2009

For German students

German Online Resources

As most of you will be on break soon and won't have the pleasure of attending German classes, it is highly likely that you will forget most of what you have learned.
That would be bad. Therefore, here are some websites that you can visit - rather than chatting on MSN or spending hours on Facebook:)

If you have other interesting sites, let Mr.Thomas know!


Semester Calendar March - July 2009

WEEK DATES Activities,Event,Classes
1 Mar 30 - Apr 4 Orientation of Jan Intake Students (all programes)
2 6-Apr Commencement of All H & T classes

11-Apr Gading Food Handlers Training

3 13 - 17 Apr
4 20 - 24 Apr

25-Apr Gading Food Handlers Training

5 27-Apr Due date to submit contribution for Student Fund &

Grapevine including International Food Fest money

of Rm 20.00 per student

1st May PH - Labour Day
6 4 - 8 May

7-May Typhoid Innoculation

9-May PH - Wesak Day
7 11 - 15 May

12-May SHTCA Carrer Day

13-May International Food Fest (set up)

14-May International Food Fest

16-May Gading Food Handlers Training
8 18 - 22 May Final exam for Part One - 18 & 19 May

Part two classes begins on 20 May
9 25 - 29 May

27 -29 May Tourism Geography Field Trip
10 1 - 5 Jun

6-Jun Agung's Birthday (PH)
11 8 - 12 Jun
12 15-19 Jun
13 22 - 26 Jun
14 29 Jun - 3 Jul
15 6 - 8 Jul Practical / Theory / Resit Exam
16 13-Jul

15-Jul School Exam Board Meeting

17-Jul Release of Semester Results to Students

20-Jul Merge with Jan 2009 Intake

(Both IHTM & Culinary)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pangkor Trip

Allow Me To Remind u people.....
this thursday which is 21th of May for those who are going for this trip need to pay Rm500 to mr.treasurer(u-know) plus the form which is given by Mr.Anand. Remember what is your "OBJECTIVES" to have this field trip.

a)ToObserve how marine tourism has been upheld as a tourist destination.
b)ToExplore the opportunities of expanding tourism supplies and amenities to this destination.
c)ToDevelop learning experience through effective observation and comparison.
d)ToDevelop their potential in exploring a geographical destination for their study purpose.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

PA MARKS for you to understand..

Professional Attitude Marks
- Appearance
- Motivation
- Commitment to learn
- Social Skills
- Leadership Ability

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paint Ball

Qing here again.. well.. jermin and i were thinking of planning a outting for paint ball game... we not yet sure bout when we wan to play but yea... and its near summit USJ and it cost about 50-100 per person(depends on how many bullets we playing)

if any1 is interested.. pls inform me o jermin pls.. thank u..

ps:we can ask our aa and other teacher to play also if u all wan.. haha..


Sunday, April 26, 2009


ello~~ its qing here.. im feel so bored so decide to come here... our 2 bloggers pc got bit cacat.. so.. im in charge now.. muahaha.. anyway.. can u all send all ur bday date to me so i can update everyone and we might plan something for our bday boy/girl?? lolz.. and jermin had created a group for our class in facebook.. feel free to join yo.. =)))

press here to go there.. lolz.. ihtm7-->facebook

til then.. =)))

next bday boy/girl..

Pui Yan --3 of May
Lily Yap
--9 of may

its on a saturday... any plan for her??

ps:if i left out anyone who going to have their bday b4 9 may pls tel me k...=)))


Friday, April 10, 2009

if u can see this picture "clearly" then u will know who is poking who
actually i saw some one is poking some one lol hahah......
the one get poke ask me don't say out = ="

Grooming Standards on Uniform day

Grooming Standards for Ladies

should be neat, well styled and should appear professional
Hair should be trimmed regularly, neatly combed and in place always.
Shoulder length hair should be neatly pinned to keep away from face.
Hair longer than shoulder length should be cut straight evenly and tied at the nape of the neck.
The bun must be secured at the back of the head or slightly above the nape with a black net.
Do not use colored / plastic bands.
Hair should be clean, non- greasy, free of oil, subtle color.
Permed and curly hair should be kept neat and restrained.

Finger nails:
Well maintained and clean
Neatly cut , shaped and clean
Excessively long nails are not allowed.
Use only light and neutral color of nail polish
Nail polish should cover entire nail, never chipped

Only one ring on each hand
Only one set of earrings
Dangling or flashy or large size not permitted
One thin gold or silver chain.
Only a small nose stud.
(* no jewellery allowed during F&B Practical classes)

Proper footwear should be worn all the times
Closed black leather shoes
Always well polished and in good condition

Simple and basic make- up
Appropriate foundation suited to each skin type should be used to avoid oily looks
Eye shadow to be subtle and not too loud
Eyeliner to be thin, straight and applied neatly

Immaculate (perfect and clean) Smooth, Clean, without creases or stains
Light color Formal shirt, full sleeves,
Formal Trouser, front creased

Grooming Standards for men
Well maintained, short neatly cut
Should not fall on forehead, touch the ears or touch the collars.
Neatly combed, not oily, not permed.
No moustaches
Clean shaven
Beards only permitted as part of religious sentiments.

Trimmed and well maintained
Clean and dirt free.
No nicotine, carbon or ink stains on the fingers.

Only one simple ring on any one hand
No bracelets or bands (excepts for religious reasons)
Watches should be conservative and not flashy or too large.
Leather strap should either be black, brown or tan
Metallic strap should be gold or silver

Well maintained, well polished, in good condition
Only black shoes are permitted
Socks to match the color of the shoes or trousers

Immaculate, spotless, well ironed
Light color Formal shirt, full sleeves,
Formal Trouser, front creased
No loose threads or broken buttons
Cuffs and collars to be stain free and clean.
Belts should be plain black or brown, not cracked or dull, simple non flashy buckle, not more than 1.5 “wide.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remind All IHTM7 students

Please Pay

RM50 for typhoid injection "IF" u have not taken the injection in the pass 2years

RM 20 for Food festival organized

RM 10 for class fund

Please give the money to treasurer Kin Lam ASAP!