Monday, July 20, 2009

If you did attend Aa's meeting you should know about on the 18.08.2009,after 1pm all the classes would be cancel.

Remember to pay RM25 to treasurer for the grapewine shirt ASAP and wear it every friday.

Remember to pay RM5 to treasurer for class fund.

About the kitchen and restaurant's time table, you all need to ask your group leader or your group leader should explain to you.
blog is allow to update by anyone BUT it MUST be related to IHTM7's update.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People.. is qing here again... lolz.. how r u all doing huh?? XD our blogger has been mia for dunno how long and i decided to update dis blog.. coz its TOO DEAD already.. =)) anyway..juz wanna tell u all time passed so fast.. hehe.. and guess wat.. final is like 5 days away from us... juz wanna ask how are yall preparation for ur final?? are u all ready onot??????=)) or still rushing assignments now.. lolz.. tats wat i doing now.. XD

and... any suggestion about activity after final?? lolz.... any trip or games??? i heard there's a trip to genting on the 8th of july.. its a day after our final.. hehe.. and.. if u all still wanting paintball.. its on 11 of july after our mpw exam.. its for guys and girls.. any1 wan to join????? tel me bout tat k.. but before that.. ger ur butt on ur study place and work hard for exam.. hehe..

till then..
qing's sign out.. love you all... :p