Monday, August 17, 2009

Typhoid Injection...

Halo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo~

Someone here to inform IHTM7's members that we have an injection at Room201 on 20th August (Thursday), 3pm to 4pm which is after PDP class. We had paid for this injection last semester.

Okey.. See you all there... Bye bye~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Class Shirts

Hello everyone! Jermin here... erm as we all know every class has their own shirts so why not us?? I'm gonna display a few examples and we'll vote which one we'd all prefer then I'll check whether we can get it.. One special thing about our shirts is that they're all Nike's and to be different from all other classes, they'll be jerseys rather than T-shirts... On the back of them will be placed a number 7, representing our class number and on top of it will be placed our own personal name... Don't worry cause this are quality products... The names and number will never come off even during machine wash but the shirt should not be ironed cause it is made of plastic based material... All this for only the price of RM 50 so I hope we can all get this done by the 21st of August 2009... I will need the payment as well as the names you want to put on your shirt... I should be able to deliver it by the following week... P.S. I do not earn any money from this... =S