Friday, October 2, 2009

Pratical Examination & Prom Night...

Hello, seem like I'm the only blogger still alive to update our class's DEAD blog. What should I inform you all? Read the title please~

Prom Night is coming soon. Hoho~ Who's interested? Please do not inform me. I'm not the person incharge. Bianca Hmmm.. better straight away pass money to our AA's lecturer. Faster and safety. Haha.. Other information about SHTCA's Prom night, I will inform you all sooner or later before Prom Night. Oh yeah, the date of Prom night is on 22nd of October 2009~ The ticket very nice. Next post I will show you all the Prom night Ticket...

(ai ling, please do borrow me your ticket to take a shoot ya)

And Pratical Examination. Group 7A, B and C... Did you all done your Menu and the recruisation form?? Did you all done!? Haha~ within 1 month start our Pratical Examination. Hmmm... I just remember my DRS exam is on 20th of October. The rest.. Sorry >.<> Lastly, this coming Saturday is Moon Cake Festival. What's you all plan to celebrate this festival?? Hehee.. Anything lar. Goodnight~

Hope you all have a nice nice Moon Cake Festival~

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