Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For your attention, all IHTM7 students..

M.Eiwynn had sent message to MOST of you about the result is out.
Congratulation!!!As if I am not mistaken there is no failure for IHTM7 students in this semester's subject. Everyone seems to get really high marks for PDP II.

4th January 2010 Please do return to KDU "IF" you have not fill in the form. The form which is for register the subject for third semester. Please do attent on that day "IF" you need to resit for certain subject or just register.

11th January 2010 should be the NEW DAY of our third semester. It is time to study and meet each other again.

For student who fail for MPW subject,the resit had ended on monday.If you missed it, do not worry because next year it would be another resit for MPW again.

Wish you people happy holiday >.< although i just came back from a trip hehehe...

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